If you’ve ever been through what is known as the “dark night of the soul,” you are all-too-familiar with the feeling you are traveling through a black, lonely and frightening portal in which you start to believe there is no way out.  Luanne “Annie” Hunt was in this very place twenty-two years ago, when her entire world came crashing down around her. 

Childhood abuse that was never dealt with plagued her thoughts and threatened to crush her typically resilient spirit.  All the while, her narcissistic husband Steve broke her down with harsh words in order to keep her under his control and feeling unworthy and unloved. 

It all became too much for Annie to bear. Feeling the pain so deeply, she prayed she would go to sleep one night and never wake up. 

“I literally felt like a zombie walking around in some alternative universe,” said Annie. “I was barely eating and I was white as a sheet.  The color literally drained from my face and I remember a couple of people telling me that I looked like a ghost.” 

“I would lay in bed moaning in emotional agony.  I kept asking G-d to take me home, as the pain was so bad I could barely stand it.” 

Annie admits that deep down, she really didn’t want to die.  She just wanted relief and to feel like there was something more to her life than coping with abuse, both past and present.  

In one of her darkest moments of desperation, she heard the voice of the Lord speak to her spirit, saying, “Annie, you can either give up, or look up.  It’s your choice to make.” 

Thankfully, Annie decided to look up, which sparked the beginning of a long and enlightening healing journey despite making the decision to stay married to her husband, who promised he would change but never truly did. 

While Steve was away at work for countless hours, Annie spent much of her time getting to know her Creator like never before.  He showed her many things, including His unconditional love, as well as His desire that she return that love and devotion. 

“I wasn’t really focused on Jesus during this time,” said Annie.  “Yes, I believed in Jesus but the moments in prayer and worship that I spent with G-d were strictly between me and Him.  He even blessed me with ideas for songs to write about His love and goodness that interestingly, did not mention Jesus at all.” 

Over the next several years, Annie continued to learn about G-d through communing with Him on a daily basis.  He taught her how to align her thoughts with His thoughts, which not only made her a stronger person but also brought about incredible blessings in her life. 

“G-d led me to a wonderful music producer, who helped me record my songs and make them more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined,” said Annie.  “I finally gained the confidence to share them with the world and eventually gained the respect, and recognition, of my peers in the music industry. 

“I was told by my parents when I was a kid that I had no musical talent and my goals were just a pipedream.  But I stayed the course and with the Lord’s help and guidance, I overcame the naysayers and proved to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to.” 

Along with following her musical path, Annie also discovered she had a talent for public speaking and in 2004, was invited to become a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries, a worldwide Christian outreach organization.  For the next five years, she traveled the U.S. sharing her testimony at Stonecroft’s Christian Women's Connection meetings. 

Annie’s speaking ministry was strictly volunteer but she was able to support her travels with the income she earned as a freelance journalist for several Southern California newspapers in the Media News Group chain.  During her writing career, which spanned over twenty years, she covered everything from entertainment and sports to current events, religion, culture and business. 

“I loved every minute of my writing career,” said Annie. “I learned so much about so many things and also had the chance to interview some of the biggest celebrities in the world in just about every arena of life.” 

Regardless of how much Annie had on her plate, she continued to learn more and more about the G-d she deeply loved and faithfully served.  As her passion for Him grew, He imparted greater wisdom in her spirit, including a deep understanding about the importance of His relationship with His chosen people, the Jews. 

“It’s difficult to put into words, but one day, I fell in love with the Jewish people and I somehow knew they had the true Keys to the Kingdom,” said Annie.  “I tried to talk to Steve about it but he shut me out.  In fact, when I brought up anything that was contrary to the Christian faith, he became very angry.   

“One night, I remember him banging his fist on the table about something I said that he didn’t agree with.  It frightened me so badly that I decided to never bring up the topic again.” 

Annie continued supporting the Jews in secret but was fearful about really delving into their faith.  It wasn’t until Steve passed away in 2019 that she finally became free to follow G-d’s leading and learn about Judaism. 

“I didn’t know where to start so for a while, I just prayed about it,” said Annie.  “But once I got settled into my new life, I found Rabbi Tovia Singer’s videos and it was like the veil was completely lifted from my eyes where Jesus was concerned. 

And I had no doubt whatsoever that Rabbi Tovia was speaking the truth.” 

Inspired by the Rabbi’s teaching, Annie uploaded a video on Youtube in April, 2022 talking about what she was learning about Judaism and how it opened her eyes to the deceptions of Christianity.  The video took off like a rocket, gaining over 9,000 views in a few short weeks.  She continued to post videos commentating about her journey out of Christianity and into the light of the truth of the Tanakh (Old Testament). 

To date, she has reached over 50,000 views on her videos with thousands of comments on all of them combined.  Annie also created a bible study group online, Studying Tanakh, which has attracted seekers from around the world. 

Her new website, was created to lead people coming out of Christianity and other non-Jewish faiths to resources and other tools to help them on their new journeys. 

“I’m definitely a newbie where Judaism is concerned, however, I have learned a whole lot in a short amount of time, as I’ve been studying every single day for a while now,” said Annie.  “I know there alot of people like me who have decided to leave Christianity and aren’t really sure what to do next.   

“I thought I could help that process along by creating a one-stop-shop with all the basic information anyone would need to begin to grow in the knowledge of the One True G-d of  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”