Our mission

Throughout history, the truth about the One, True God of the Hebrew Scriptures has been twisted to lineup with the Christian narrative that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, who was prophesied in the Old Testament (Tanakh) as being the savior of the world.  A sincere study of the original, inerrant and final Word of God proves that nothing even remotely resembles this belief system in those scriptures and the attributes of God's true messiah are diametrically opposed to those of Jesus.

Billions of Christians have been duped and are unknowingly worshipping an idol, which God strictly forbids in Tanakh.  Slowly but surely, many are waking up to the truth and leaving Christianity behind.  Unfortunately, by leaving, they are cutting themselves off from the people they once were closely yoked to and typically experience a great sense of loss and loneliness.

Our hearts are grieved over this reality, which was our inspiration for creating this website.  Our mission is to help Christians who have decided to leave the church by providing them with education and a worldwide community of like-minded believers to connect and fellowship with.     

Our beliefs are as follows:

We believe in the authentic and inerrant original Hebrew scriptures (the Tenakh), which state repeatedly that salvation comes through repentance before our Creator, as well as a sincere commitment to live a life that is righteous and pleasing to Him.

We reject the doctrines of the New Testament, including the idea that God is three-in-one, that there is a savior called Jesus, who died for the sins of the world and that salvation is only possible by faith in this Jesus character.

We, as gentiles, are called to bring the light to this truth through education and outreach to anyone who desires to learn about God's plan for humanity, both in present times all the way to the coming Messianic Age.